This podcast is in itself a great counter to patriarchy. I’ve learned so much and had so much of what I believe confirmed about the endemic nature of patriarchy, male-patterned violence and how patriarchy is just as damaging to men as it is to women.


Every week I look forward to the next episode. Such brilliant, conscious and insightful guests. This is one of the top informative and educational podcasts I listen to. Job well done!

Subject to Power

Elle has invited guests that help us all to unpack and critically think about the patriarchal norms that have become the foundation of all oppression. Highly recommend for everyone!

The Root of The Matter

Christine Forner is able to blend intergenerational patterns of abuse, neurobiology and what we now know about attachment into a sincint historical review of who we are as humans and who we are meant to be as humans. It is rare to hear a summary with such clarity and credibility. I believe in her insights and her wisdom. It is the first time I have heard something this moving related to the solution to maintaining our humanity and not continuing to destroy it.

Thought provoking and inspiring content

I’m addicted to listening to Subject to Power. Within each episode is such rich dialogue, that I find myself writing notes on things I need to take action on, read or research. The guests are so inspiring and get me thinking deeply on the subject matters. I’m very impressed with the podcast host’s level of consciousness and depth of knowledge and conversation. I’ve been recommending STP to all my friends and colleagues. I love it.


Christine Forner has some far out concepts, but only because no one has put them forth before. I agree w/everything but the Neanderthal theory that they were actually smarter than Homo sapiens. If they were, how come they’re not still around? Overall, really enjoyed her push back and well thought out theories.