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Cynthia Enloe is Research Professor in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment, with affiliations with Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science, all at Clark University, MA. Professor Enloe’s feminist teaching and research explore gendered politics nationally and internationally. Racial, class, sexual, ethnic and national identity dynamics, as well as ideas about femininities and masculinities, are common threads throughout her studies.

At Clark University, Cynthia Enloe has served as Chair of Political Science, the Director of Women’s Studies, and has been awarded Clark University’s Outstanding Teacher Award three times.

Her career has included Fulbrights in Malaysia and Guyana, guest professorships in Japan, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland, as well as lectures around the globe and at universities around the U.S. Her writings have been translated into multiple languages and she has been published in Ms. Magazine, The Village Voice, and has appeared on NPR, Al Jazeera, C-Span and the BBC.

Professor Enloe is the author of fifteen books, including Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives, The Curious Feminist, Nimo’s War, Emma’s War: Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War, Globalization and Militarism: Feminists Make the Link and The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging Persistent Patriarchy (2017)

A brilliant speaker, NPR chose Enloe’s Commencement speech at Connecticut College in 2011 as one of the 100 best US commencement addresses in the past century.

Cynthia Enloe is a distinguished research scholar, among her awards are the International Studies Association’s Susan Strange Award, the Susan B. Northcutt Award by the Women’s Caucus for International Studies of the International Studies Association, the Peace and Justice Studies Association’s Howard Zinn Lifetime Achievement Award, the Charles Haskins Award by The American Council of Learned Societies, and in 2017, Cynthia was selected as one the Honorees named on the Gender Justice Legacy Wall, installed in The Hague at the International Crimes Court.

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Dec. 19, 2022

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