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Dr. Andrea Fleckinger

Sociologist & Researcher

Dr. Andrea Fleckinger is a sociologist, a social worker, and a certificated lecturer on modern matriarchal studies. She is a researcher at the University of Trento and gives lectures at national and international universities. Her research projects adopt a feminist approach, focusing on women and gender equality, care, mothering, and gender-based violence. As a feminist and activist, she promotes social transformation inspired by contemporary matriarchal societies. Andrea is a co-founder of the international think-tank MatriForum. She lives with her two children in South Tyrol, Italy.

The Mother Line
Sociology Matriarchy

The Mother Line

April 11, 2023

We may believe that violent patriarchy is an inevitable reality, that our current world culture simply is a result of our immutable human nature. A human nature that is in a constant and brutal competition for limited resour…