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Miriam Robbins Dexter

Research Scholar & Author

Miriam Robbins Dexter holds a Ph.D. in ancient Indo-European languages, archaeology, and comparative mythology, from UCLA.

Her books include Whence the Goddesses: A Source Book; Sacred Display: Divine and Magical Female Figures of Eurasia; Foremothers of the Women’s Spirituality Movement: Elders and Visionaries. She edited and supplemented Marija Gimbutas’ final book, The Living Goddesses; a book of essays in her honor after her death, Varia on the Indo-European Past: Papers in Memory of Marija Gimbutas; and a posthumous book of her articles, The Kurgan Culture and the Indo-Europeanization of Europe: Selected articles from 1952 to 1993, by Marija Gimbutas.

Miriam is the author of over thirty scholarly articles and nine encyclopedia articles on ancient female figures, and she has edited and co-edited sixteen scholarly volumes. For thirteen years, she taught courses in Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit languages in the department of Classics at USC. For the following sixteen years, she taught courses in Goddesses and Heroines in the Women’s Studies department at UCLA. She has lectured at the New Bulgarian University in Sophia, Bulgaria and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Moldavia, Romania.

Finding Our Goddesses
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Finding Our Goddesses

March 29, 2023

Every major religion in the world today features a male deity. Or as Miriam Robbins Dexter puts it: “Man was created in God's image and woman wasn't.”  How does it affect women of the world - that we have no major religious…