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Renée Gerlich is a New Zealand-based writer and the author of Out of the Fog: On Politics, Feminism and Coming Alive, a new book offering a survey of the contemporary political landscape, published by Spinifex Press. In 2021, Renée founded Dragon Cloud Press to publish her Brief Complete Herstory, a female-centred potted history of the world from the Big Bang to neoliberalism. Essays by Renée can be found on Feminist Current, Savage Minds, Uncommon Ground Media, and her blog,

Renée has a background in art history and education and completed her Masters in Art History at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She was researcher for the 2016 documentary called The HeArt of the Matter, about the development and subsequent rollback of education reforms implemented by New Zealand’s first Labour government, directed and produced by Luit and Jan Bieringa.

Endless Enclosures
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Endless Enclosures

Nov. 1, 2022

For women and girls, studying history rarely gives us the answers we seek about how we arrived here. Official history is written by men about men, about male projects, enterprise and progress, and women are all but footnotes…